Bondo Productions is a brand-centric production company focused on craftsmanship and resourceful storytelling

Bondo combines decades of experience producing and delivering hundreds of hours of popular broadcast television.

We provide ideation, production, and strategic marketing agency services producing emotional stories that bond you with your consumer without the agency markup.

Bondo’s mission is to find your brand mythology,
identify what makes it special, then celebrate it!

Why Bond with us?

Bondo are human relations experts

Bondo helps build a platform to amplify your brand

Bondo tells honest, quirky and beautiful stories

Bondo delivers from big screen to Instagram and everything in between

We have a proven track record of content production that's
delivered across almost every premium TV network.

When You Bond With Us

We want to understand the guts of your brand, the passion and the people who drive it before we simply create a brief. 

This ensures we can deliver on time, on budget without surprises.

We stick with you through thick and thin to build a toolkit for success. 

Our process draws on our entertainment backgrounds and combines our team’s experience producing some of TV’s most popular programs.

This is Us

Krystal Kennedy

Krystal believes that Bondo is not just the name of a production company it is a philosophy. As a child Krystal was aware of this putty that her dad used for everything. Have termites? Airbrush them away, fill the holes with Bondo and spray paint. Christmas tree not perfect? Drill a hole, fill with Bondo and stuff a branch in it!  Got a hole in your wall? Bondo! Car after car rolled out of her dad’s body shop looking like a masterpiece, and all it took was a little bit of Bondo and a lot craftsmanship.
Krystal is a seasoned television producer. Before founding Bondo Productions, Krystal worked every aspect of the business from director, producer, writer, development executive, to executive producer and show runner.
Krystal helms series for broadcast, cable and web-based entertainment projects.  Her strengths lie in a consistent proven ability to build tight knit teams, create effective work flows that keep everybody happy, and ensuring that what is ‘sold’ is ‘delivered’ with a signature grace and panache.  
She’s worked for Bravo, History, Lifetime, TruTV, Discovery, Destination America, MTV, VH1, ABC, Sony Pictures, and played key roles on production teams for Jersey Shore, American Pickers, Make Me a Supermodel, Wife Swap, Chopped, Room Raiders, Ricki Lake, Montel Williams, Rachel Ray and numerous others across the programming slate.
Currently, she and Adam are developing creative projects, forming bonds and fielding new opportunities to create authentically compelling media in the brand and advertising space. 
She loves to laugh, cook, garden, have deep conversations and hang out on-set with her work wife Adam. She has never been snowboarding.

Adam Matalon

Adam is a multi-genre, multi-disciplinary creative writer director and producer with a proven ability to identify stories that trigger emotion.
As a project leader he’s supervised and delivered multiple broadcast series, independent features, home videos, as well as marketing & advertising content. He’s developed with both broadcasters and production company partners across multiple genres including game formats.
A member of the Directors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America and the Dramatists Guild he’s worked in a variety of management roles for multiple broadcast networks including HGTV, TruTV, TLC,NBC,DIY, Discovery, ABC and last but not least all the major labels of the A&E portfolio – A&E, History, Lifetime & LMN. 
He came up the ranks in production crossing genres from Sesame Street, Who Wants to be A Millionaire and American Pickers, to celebrity comedies like Donnie Loves Jenny and factual series like Atlanta Plastic. He’s been a production member of multiple seasons of acclaimed kid’s TV shows like Bear in The Big Blue House, The Naked Brothers Band, The Book of Pooh, and every season of the award winning PBS series Between the Lions. He’s and even worked on shows with Martha Stewart and Emeril Legasse.
He was most recently Emmy nominated for producing Tainted Dreams (Amazon) and is constantly prepping his ‘next’ short film. His latest, A Boy a Man and a Kite won numerous festival awards and qualified for the 2020 Academy Awards!
He loves to laugh, cook, garden, snowboard, have deep conversations and hang out on-set with his work wife Krystal.

Some of the TV Shows We've Worked On

Some Of The Companies We've Collaborated With

Check out one of seven brand
documentary shorts from a recent project.

We shoot all our content in 4k or higher to future proof the content and allow us total control over the distribution and aspect ratios for broadcast, streaming or social media

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